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Thread: Beware the Latest MP3 Worms

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    Beware the Latest MP3 Worms

    04:30 PM Dec. 18, 2002 PT

    Music file swappers may unknowingly be sharing their computers as well as their favorite tunes.

    Two new security vulnerabilities, disclosed late Wednesday, allow an attacker to completely take over a computer system by using malicious music files.

    The first vulnerability is present in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. This vulnerability can be exploited when a user simply lets the cursor hover over the file icon for the malicious MP3, or opens a folder where the file is stored.

    The second is found in Nullsoft's Winamp, a popular Windows media jukebox player.

    Both vulnerabilities were discovered by security firm Foundstone,

    read it here,56924,00.html


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    Thanks for the heads up.

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