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Thread: Security Alert: Beware Nasty Flash 'Toons

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    Security Alert: Beware Nasty Flash 'Toons

    Macromedia reports that all versions of its Windows Flash players and plug-ins released prior to 12 December 2002 are subject to a buffer overflow exploit. If your system plays a specially crafted Flash animation -- either by visiting a Web page or opening an e-mail with an embedded Flash movie -- it can be taken over completely by a virus, worm, or Trojan horse. And since virtually all Web browsers' rendering engines play animations unconditionally (only a few have settings to disable them), you won't have a chance to stop the attack before it infects your system or destroys programs or data.

    get the fix now!!!!

    source extremetech

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    Thanks Egg, that did not hurt a bit (at least not yet)..

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