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Thread: VHS tapes to DVD

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    VHS tapes to DVD

    Hi,hope this don't sound to dumb but are they any way to take my home movies from a vhs tape and change them to dvd disks.Seems like everyday you see more high tech inventions,and I was just wondering if any type of new software or devices were around that I was unaware of. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Lightbulb well its not easy

    thier is a few ways one is to record the ome videos to your pc first with a capture card from nvidia or ati, then you'll need a dvd burner that way it'll work and you can prob control with software the quality of the movies,

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    Shadow has directed down the cheapest path. YOu should purchase a video capture card that allows you to hook your VCR up to your PC and then capture the video into digital format. You should make sure you have enough hard drive space to allow for the capture. Once you have it, then as he stated you will need a DVD burner to burn the digitally captured file.

    If you want to play it on a DVD player you will need to make sure to create the file to DVD standards.

    the site above seems to offer many guides on burning DVDs to the proper specifications.

    The easiest way, and more expensive would be to buy an external DVD recorder. You would then hook your VCR up to the DVD recorder and burn the DVD disc directly. There would be no need to install anything as it is all external.

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    nice to see you big booger,

    try those suggestions, they are right on the money
    but if you dont want to buy a dvd recorder than i suggest to encode your movies to vcd
    they will play fine on your dvd using normal cd-r media

    gotta go


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