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Thread: you guys do a great job

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    Thumbs up you guys do a great job

    Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the help. Every question is immediately taken care of and - in addition - you all have those great icons!

    Curiosity question - why are some of the forums closed to new threads?

    Keep up good work


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    Thanks for those kind words Tom.

    Which closed forums are you referring to?

    If you mean you are seeing a no permission screen when trying to post a thread,it's because you are not logged in properly.
    This error can sometimes occur if you have corrupted cookies on your system.We also moved servers a week ago,so you may have conflicting cookies.(one for the old location,and one for the new location)

    The best solution is to remove them manually.
    Go to this directory C:\Documents and Settings\~username~\Cookies
    and manually delete the cookies (can't uninstall "index.dat").
    Then when you return to Techzonez log back in.
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