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Thread: scan for updated drivers

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    scan for updated drivers

    I used to go into a site called " " It would scan my computer, and then find any newer driver updates both for hardware and software that I could download. This site no longer works. Does anyone know of another site similar to that one ? Thanks, Mike

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    I don't know of a site, but I do know of a software solution, that might help:
    DriverMAGIC Pro 1.1.2

    riverMAGIC Professional Edition is very powerful & complete driver software package. It gives the user a range of exciting possibilities with their drivers, including a very intelligent driver search engine, which can match your hardware to the drivers on the internet. Another feature is the DriverXPRESS client, which will allow you to make your own customized driver installer EXE files. DriverMAGIC Pro has been designed on an explorer style interface, giving new users quick control over the most powerful features with one click. DriverMAGIC Pro gives users the ability to effortlessly install, import, export, delete, cripple, restore, extract, rebuild, compress and query their computer drivers. Included with DriverMAGIC Pro are 4 wizards, to assist users who want their tasks all summarized, combined with integrated help online & offline, DriverMAGIC Pro makes sense of the confusing world of computer drivers.

    Visit the following site for a trial version of this software, as there is no free version:


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