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Thread: Getting tablet-stylus sketches into an email

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    Getting tablet-stylus sketches into an email


    I wish that I could draw on a a tablet with a stylus and have it appear in my email even as I sketch it. Eudora says Eudora does not support this.

    Is my only option then to get a tablet and software and either paste or send the sketch into the email or else into Word and then into my email or save the Word file and attach it?

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    I am not 100% sure about this, but have you tried outlook? The beta 2 version might support just the thing you are looking to do.

    One fast and easy trick is to write whatever you want, hit the print screen key when you have finished then paste it into Outlook. This works rather well, but the other person cannot edit it once they have received the image of your writings..

    This would be a great feature of an emailing program to do what you need it to do.

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