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Thread: Save Windows Updates for later installations

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    Save Windows Updates for later installations

    2) How To Save Your Win98 (And Other) Updates Offline

    Dear Fred, awhile back you mentioned an accumulative update for
    win 98 that could be downloaded and saved for later use. I
    REALLY need this thing because I don't wanna switch just yet
    and for my "gaming" system I may never want to switch... Could
    you please tell me where to find this elusive combo patch?
    Thanks ... and Fred, thanks for the great read !!!----Joe Fukuto

    There's no single patch with all Win98 updates in it, but there's a way
    to get all the separate patches, including some "cumulative" patches
    combine several (but not all) separate patches into one larger

    It's easy--- actually much easier than it used to be: Go to Windows
    Update; select "Personalize" from "Other Options" in the left menu, and
    activate the "Display the link to the Windows Catalog" option, if you
    have not already done so. The Catalog will appear in the "See Also"
    on the left. You can then use the Catalog to pull down whatever Updates
    and Drivers you want. (It also gives you an easy way to see what you've
    already downloaded.) Items you select go onto a "download basket" from
    which you can retrieve and place them where ever you want--- on your
    drive, on a CD or whatever--- for safekeeping and later use

    From the Langalist.

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    I actually used to use that feature before the time of SP1. Since I have a few machines running XP it was handy to be able to download the updates once (I'm on 56K ) and install them on multiple PCs.

    Saved me a lot of time since some of the updates were up to 20MB!!!

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