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Thread: sacd info request....

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    sacd info request....

    anyone heard of a good info site about
    super audio cd?

    i hear its a dual layer cd that needs a special cd player to read the second layer that has 5.1 audio encoding making our computer cd drives unable to detect the layer

    two formats will try to win

    sacd and dvd-audio.

    some say this will be a fight like the old vhs and beta vcr!


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    I think DVD audio will prevail.

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    Super Audio CD is the next generation of audio disc, offering full-range, uncompressed digital multi-channel surround sound. SACD can also be backward compatible using so called hybrid discs with an extra layer that allows them to be played on conventional CD players but then only with ordinary CD quality. SACD can be played on SACD Players, DVD Players with SACD support and if using hybrid discs also CD Players. SACD is currently competing with DVD-Audio as the new audio defacto standard.
    Philips SACD Info


    DVD-Audio or sometimes called DVD-A is a separate format from DVD-Video. It is a format specifically designed to provide the highest possible audio fidelity capable on DVD. DVD-Audio provides for audio in stereo and in multi-channel surround in a wide range of specifications. In addition to audio, a DVD-Audio disk can contain a limited amount of video, which can be used to display text, such as lyrics or notes. DVD-Audio can only be played on DVD Players with DVD-Audio support (most DVD Players do not support this format). DVD-Audio is currently competing with SACD as the new audio defacto standard.
    DVD-Audio FAQ


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