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Thread: Mapp Drives missin on 98/2000 sever

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    Question Mapp Drives missin on 98/2000 sever

    im working with a small network of about 6 windows 98 machines 1 windows me (dont laugh i tryed tellin her bout xp) thiers 1 windows 2000 server, fully Licensed, all machines are service packed inc the server, but form what the other NA tells me thiers Differnt versions of windows 98 throughout the office, now im not sure if that weould cause the grief, thiers only 2 computers that really have this problem, the others have no prob keeping thier mapped drives to the same area, now its active connections are left open thiers no limit as to how many ppl can connect at the same time, im also told that thiers one secratry, that opens a Billion docs on the server and leaves em open, now im wondering if thatd cause a prob even though thiers no connection limit? ant help weould be Greatly appreiated in this matter,

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    I'd say upgrade the 2 machines that have the mapped drive problems.. That or see if they've all of the updates available from MS. You might want to try a third party solution if upgrading is impossible.

    It could be that the two different versions are incompatible with the network mapped drive scheme used..

    Double check the machines.. might need to just do a fresh install and then network them into the existing network.. that may work.

    Not really sure.. seems like a unique problem.

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