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Thread: closing apps and restarting with .bat

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    closing apps and restarting with .bat

    I learned about this yesterday - Here's a game tip (what i use it for) When I want to play a game - I end tasks together and start game with a click, when game is over tasks restart. Save as .bat.

    @echo off
    if [%min%]==[1] goto 2
    set min=1
    start /min LFS.bat
    goto end
    set min=
    taskkill /F /IM YzDock.exe /IM yztoolbar.exe /IM ePrompter.exe /IM CoolMon.exe 
    cd "C:\Games\LFS_DT_0_2A\"
    start /wait LFS.exe
    cd "C:\yzdck0075_beta"
    start YzDock.exe
    cd "C:\Program Files\yztbr103"
    start yztoolbar.exe
    cd "C:\Program Files\ePrompter"
    start ePrompter.exe 
    cd "C:\Program Files\CoolMon"
    start CoolMon.exe 
    As far as killing other tasks, what should be active while playing games? Firewall, NAV - should they be shut off as well?
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