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    Bic-sized Video Camera

    Sony Corp., under pressure from shareholders to release new products, on Tuesday unveiled a line of high-end audiovisual devices that the chief executive, Nobuyuki Idei, said would differentiate the Japanese company from its Chinese and South Korean rivals.

    The world's No. 2 consumer-electronics maker announced four new products to be released under the "Qualia" brand - a projector, a color monitor, a digital-still camera and a compact disc audio system.

    The devices will not be sold in stores; instead, they will be available by special order only.

    The Qualia products, which Sony said would be priced at the high-end of the market, are the first result of a multiyear effort to stem shrinking profit margins and bolster a share price that has tumbled 50 percent in the past year.

    Japan's technology industry "is now sandwiched, with the U.S. developing more intellectual property and China and South Korea selling cheaper-priced products," Idei told reporters at a briefing to unveil the new line. "Sony wants to make something different utilizing our new technologies."


    This is one slick little camera. I wouldn't mind having one just to do a little videography every now and then. But unfortunately the camera costs about $3,216 US dollars. So you won't be seeing one in my possession any time soon.

    Arrow: Source:
    Int'l Herald Tribune
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