Creative Labs finally managed to deliver a new driver set for the original Audigy series. This is a split up release that should contain 5 parts from which 3 are already available.
Unfortunately there is no update for the Creative Surround Mixer and the Creative Diagnostics.

Note: This is a driver update for users running Windows XP / 2000.
Users of Window 98 SE and Me should continue using existing drivers.

This update has been divided into 5 smaller files so that you can choose to download only the portions you require, or to spread out your downloads over several sessions.

Core Driver Update - Aud_webupdate2_Drv.exe (7.20MB)
Audio HQ Update - Aud_webupdate2_AHQ.exe (3MB)
PlayCenter 3 Update - Aud_webupdate2_PC.exe (10.2MB)
Recorder Update - Aud_webupdate2_Rec.exe (3.86MB)
Taskbar Update - Aud_webupdate2_Task.exe (2MB)

As a minimum, the core driver update (Aud_webupdate2_Drv.exe) can be downloaded and installed alone. If you use of any of the applications listed above, you will also need to download and install the respective application update(s) to ensure correct functionality of the application(s).

Updates audio driver to improve stability
Optimizes EAX performance
Improves overall performance on systems with HyperThreading

Download: Core Driver package

Download: Audio HQ Update

Download: PlayCenter 3 Update

Download: Recorder Update

Download: Taskbar Update