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Thread: Netscape 7.1 released

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    Netscape 7.1 released

    Netscape makes your life easier with fewer buttons and a simpler user interface, with a larger viewing window for what you want to see. You'll find your bookmarks, home page, and My Netscape page in the personal toolbar, which you can customize with your own shortcuts, bookmarks, and folders. At the bottom of the Netscape window, the task bar gives you quick access to channels, tools, and other things you need on the Net. Netscape is a robust suite of software that includes a browser, email, instant messaging, address book, web page composition and other tools and plug-ins that help you get more from the Internet.

    What's new
    Junk Mail Controls
    International Domain Names (IDN) make it possible to use characters from virtually any language (e.g., French, Japanese, Russian) for domain names.
    Radio@Netscape Plus
    Find As You Type, for navigating web pages using your keyboard
    Automatic image resizing, so that large images fit in the browser window
    Address Book sync with PalmTM-compatible devices
    Many feature and usability improvements, including enhancements to message filters and instant messaging
    Improved performance and stability

    Download: Netscape 7.1 for Windows

    View: Learn more about Netscape 7.1

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    I thought the Netscape program was over with? Guess not. Thanks for the update. I might try this one out at work.

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    I love netscape as it doesn't clutter the taskbar like IE does. My only gripe is that is not compatible with the same number of pages that IE is

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    I had an IE browser that had TAB functions, ie. instead of new taskbar windows, there are tabs in the Browser window. I think this is similar to Netscape right?

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