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Thread: Microsoft Discontinuing Sidewinder Peripherals

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    Microsoft Discontinuing Sidewinder Peripherals

    Microsoft Corp. is discontinuing its SideWinder line of gaming peripherals immediately due to competitive pressures in the market, company officials said Wednesday.

    Microsoft said its exit from the market was due to "long-term category decreases, proliferation of manufacturers, and highly competitive pricing," according to a statement from the company. Microsoft's SideWinder line includes PC joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels, and force-feedback enabled devices.

    "Microsoft will continue to sell current SideWinder gaming devices while stock is available and are working with retailers to offer a combination of competitive pricing and other opportunities to allow them to sell through their inventory," the company said. "We are determining the optimal course for use of the brand name for the future and have no plans to manufacture new SideWinder devices for any platform."

    Microsoft said it would continue to manufacture its non-game-releated hardware, such as keyboards and computer mice. In addition, Microsoft will continue to support the SideWinder line in future versions of Windows "as long as these products remain viable", the company said.

    Source: Extremetech

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    Gees that sucks
    I used to have a MS sidewinder gamepad, couldnt get software support for any O/S past win 98, which was a real pain in the ass. So I had to go and get a Logitech pad to replace it, cant see why MS dont support their hardware as well as much as they should. People go out and buy these products thinking that MS will provide support , since they are the main name in software
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    Maybe M$ is looking to buy a gamepad manufacturer out - thats their policy isnt it??

    Look out Gravis LOL - are they still around?

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