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Thread: Using Arrow Keys In Regedit

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    Using Arrow Keys In Regedit

    A tip so simple I'm almost embarrassed to post it but I'm willing to wager that there are some who don't know that using the arrow keys will open and close sections and will scroll up and down in the Registry.

    Beats using the mouse.

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    Hey THor How much do I owe you?? Can I pay via PayPal :P

    This is a good tip, i use it in explorer as well

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    not only in the registry. Arrows keys are very useful. When your mouse is not working you can navigate thru items in the same category with them, and change to next category using tabs, coming back a category using shift+tab, selecting using space or enter, come back is backspace sometimes, and the tool bar meny using alt

    You can even use tab to navigate thru items at TZ. Check the status section (botom) of IE to tell you where you go and the selection is encased with doted lines

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