Jumping the gun eVGA has released a full reference Nvidia Detonator driver for Windows 2000 and XP. The 20.9MB download is a WHQL certified multilanguage release.

More importantly eVGA states in the release notes, that all 3DMark 2003 issues have been corrected. If this note corresponds to the much disputed 'optimzations' remains to be seen.

Release Notes:
Auto Installer: Yes
WHQL: Yes Driver File: 4467_XP.exe
Notes: WHQL Certified
Corrects Issues with 3DMark2003
Corrects Issues With NVRotate and Video Playback
Many Game Support Updates (inc. Dark Ages of Camelot, MS Flight Simulator 2004, GTA 3 Vice City, etc.)

Download: Detonator 44.67 (20.9 mb) (from eVGA) | mirror

source: W2S