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Thread: Commodore 64: Back From The Dead

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    Commodore 64: Back From The Dead

    It never made it to the enterprise, but the Commodore 64, a 21-year old personal computer, certainly rings a bell with longtime IT types. Now the C-64 is doing a Lazarus act.

    Tulip Computers announced Friday that it was re-launching the Commodore 64 brand to take advantage of the continued popularity of that ancient computer's aged games.

    Although the Commodore 64 is long discontinued, software originally designed for it can be run under a variety of current operating systems using emulators. Tulip claims that there are still some 6 million C-64 fans and users worldwide who keep in touch via more than 300 Web sites, and who have downloaded more than 10 million games from the Internet.

    Tulip is working with Ironstone, a U.K.-based company, which will assume all sales of official C-64 products and run the Commodore 64 Web portal. Future plans, said Tulip, include the development of new hardware to run with Commodore emulators, new games written for the obsolete machine, and a crackdown of unauthorized use of the Commodore 64 brand name.

    source: TechWeb

    View: Official Tulip news release

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    I was a big fan, had heaps of games, good old KickStart the MOTOCross game, and california games

    Good on them. Should be more out there.

    Does it support Direct9

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