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Thread: Byrds founder to sue Microsoft over Eight Miles High

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    Byrds founder to sue Microsoft over Eight Miles High

    A notice posted on Roger McGuinn's web site said he will sue Microsoft for allegedly using four notes of the Byrds' song Eight Miles High.

    According to the release, McGuinn, founder of the Byrds, will allege that the first four notes of the song are used in the closing down music for Windows XP.

    And the story goes that McGuinn is not joking. He said the four notes start all the 12-string breaks on Eight Miles High.

    He claims there's no conflict between the coming legal action and his support of free music downloads on the Interweb and said Microsoft is benefiting at his expense.

    Here's the rest of the tale

    source: The Inquirer

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    Give me a break. I am as anti MS as anyone can be. This is nothing but a money grab.
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