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Thread: Cert® Advisory Ca-2003-19-- Important

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    Cert® Advisory Ca-2003-19-- Important

    CERT® Advisory CA-2003-19 Exploitation of Vulnerabilities in Microsoft RPC Interface
    Original issue date: July 31, 2003
    Last revised: July 31, 2003 21:25 UTC-0400
    Source: CERT/CC

    A complete revision history is at the end of this file.

    Systems Affected
    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Services Edition
    Microsoft Windows 2000
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    The CERT/CC is receiving reports of widespread scanning and exploitation of two recently discovered vulnerabilities in Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Interface.

    I. Description
    Reports to the CERT/CC indicate that intruders are actively scanning for and exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft's DCOM RPC interface as described in VU#568148 and CA-2003-16. Multiple exploits for this vulnerability have been publicly released, and there is active development of improved and automated exploit tools for this vulnerability. Known exploits target TCP port 135 and create a privileged backdoor command shell on successfully compromised hosts. Some versions of the exploit use TCP port 4444 for the backdoor, and other versions use a TCP port number specified by the intruder at run-time. We have also received reports of scanning activity for common backdoor ports such as 4444/TCP. In some cases, due to the RPC service terminating, a compromised system may reboot after the backdoor is accessed by an intruder.

    There appears to be a separate denial-of-service vulnerability in Microsoft's RPC interface that is also being targeted. Based on current information, we believe this vulnerability is separate and independent from the RPC vulnerability addressed in MS03-026. The CERT/CC is tracking this additional vulnerability as VU#326746 and is continuing to work to understand the issue and mitigation strategies. Exploit code for this vulnerability has been publicly released and also targets TCP port 135.

    In both of the attacks described above, a TCP session to port 135 is used to execute the attack. However, access to TCP ports 139 and 445 may also provide attack vectors and should be considered when applying mitigation strateg

    Read the rest and get the download links HERE

    EDIT: Reverend has posted about two new Windows XP fixes but the RPC alert affects more than just XP so you might want to read.
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