An "a" update of Omega drivers based on the Catalyst 3.6 for Win2k/XP is now avaliable. They fix some installation issues and add new stuff.

What's New?
* Fixed the 9600 TX installation problem.
* Fixed all the other "card not recognized" problems. (Yes, really, I did it...)
* Included a new utility, rTool, ONLY because it offers an option to force Triple Buffering in OpenGL games and I can't enable it by default on the drivers because there are some games that will not run correctly with TB enabled, more info here.
* Added TV Overscan support.
* Removed some tweaks that where causing problems.

Download: Radeon Omega Drivers v2.4.74a for W2k/XP (provided by DriverHeaven)

View: Omegacorner homepage