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Thread: how do i lan with two router/two wan ip setup

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    how do i lan with two router/two wan ip setup

    i have one lan setup upstairs now with a router and cable isp connection. we are bringing in a second cable isp connection with a router downstairs for business and want to network the two lans. what is the best config for this? (i realize we could just use one but we are doing this for the additional upload bandwidth and this is a sufficient intermediary solution until we move the business to its own location)

    will they communicate if one is router say a, and the other and we setthe appropriate gateways for the pc's but keep all computers as 192.198.1.x ip's?

    we are thinking that we just run one ethernet cable from one router to the other.. or do we use a hub between the two routers?

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    Isn't there some sort of Network Bridge feature in Windows that allows this?

    Try here.

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    You should check to see if the routers are stackable or have an auto uplink port, else SupaStar got it, you would need XP to act as a Network bridge between LAN 1 and LAN 2... u might need a comp with 4 NICs LOL

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    You can simply uplink the two routers together if they have built in switches...
    Then you need to statically address all of your computers.
    Set the LAN IP of your routers to say...Downstairs - and Upstairs -
    On your downstairs computers make sure that the DEFAULT GATEWAY is set to and respectively set the upstairs computers to a gateway of
    This way you will have LAN communication between all of your computers yet downstairs and upstairs will go out to the internet through the appropriate cable modem.

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    Save yourself a headache.

    Look at the Linksys RV0082 product $299.00 from CDW.COM

    It has Dual Internet WAN ports which can be configured for load balancing or Internet redundancy.

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    inspyre gave you the right solution.
    Unfortunately I can agree with Supastar since it is too unreliable the Network Bridge, and t_p (cool nick BTW) said he needed it for bussiness. The Lan upstairs is bussiness too?
    Unfortunately I am guessing that both cable connections are from the same ISP, right? Which solution are you using? 2 Ips same cable router? or a second cable modem with a separate IP? a Second IP will give you same bandwith. 2 cable modems will give you a maximum of what is advertised in each, but lets imagine that you have a bandwith of 3MB each, if you use 2.5 MB in one, you will feel the hit in the other.
    Also, using a dual connection router won't give you twice the bandwith, only a margin higher, but they do provice load balancing.
    Problem with will have one LAN. But this is easy to fix, just leave the router upstairs. Now you have one LAN dowstairs which is LOAD balanced, and one upstairs which connects your router to the router downstairs. Just put them in separate subnets. Or Set the router downstairs to be and the one upstairs
    Putting the 2 routers in the same subnet will give you headaches becuase... you eaither have to set all machines with IP static so only some connect to one router and other to the other, or you will have lost of problems with 2 DHCP servers trying to answer to request, and you might even run in IP conflicts

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