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Thread: A $3 cure..

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    Talking A $3 cure..

    A $3 cure..

    After 18 hours of troubleshooting I hope the problem has been found. The mother board
    is an Intel D850EMV2L.


    Random reboots
    Boot failure
    Loss of HDD on IDE
    Flash screen freeze on boot
    Change settings in BIOS but would not take effect
    Other strange boogers

    After total and multiple fresh installs of 2 different O.S. and long stairs at the monitor
    screen (complete with hand gestures), resetting the BIOS, etc. I finally got a chance to see
    the screen warning that the CMOS battery was low. Well now I have to check this out,
    correct? At 11 o’clock at night I ran down to the local drug store (which is open 24\7)
    after being up for 16 hours and bought a $3 watch battery. In this case it is a CR2032.

    Note: By this time I am looking pretty ragged which drew the attention of the store
    manager because he came up and stood by the female check out attendant while I
    purchased the battery. I must have looked like I was going to rob the place.

    Going home and taking the massive power in my hand (the battery is 3 V, it must be a
    dollar a volt) and placing it into it’s new home I started to tremble as I placed my finger
    on the “Power on” button. Well as I gazed in amazement the “CMOS batter low” alert
    was still in place. However the computer was starting to act in a normal fashion. This
    prompted me to do some more troubleshooting which lead me to updating the BIOS of
    both the System board and the RAID controller as well as an updated driver for the
    Promise TX2000. After doing so things started to take shape and after some tweaking of the
    system now appears to be operating in a normal fashion..

    What a day..

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    hehe..what a day...and it's the simple solution that made it right

    It's always the way

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    Is that the system that you were thinking of selling?

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    My god, enough to drive a man insane.

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    If your anything like me you'll still be thinking of it for a few days.Glad it worked out Tinker.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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    Good job tinker, we'll make u a debug hardware tester any day

    I loved this bit
    (complete with hand gestures)
    LOL. dont worry, we have all been through it - eXPerience

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