Hi Fred: I had a monitor problem that was finally cured and I
thought I'd pass the information along.

This could apply to all monitors so I won't mention names.
The monitor worked fine until one day the screen had a
yellowish cast. I tried all the normal stuff, different video
card and different computer, but still had the yellow cast. To
confuse things more when the monitor was disconnected from the
computer the self test on the monitor had perfect color.

I tried several different help sites and posted in several
forums, but nobody could figure out what the problem was.

Finally, one day I was near a small computer repair shop
locally and thought I'd give him a try. He told me that most
people will plug all their cables into their computers, then
shove the computer to the back of the desk, against the wall.

The monitor cable sticks out the farthest so it generally gets
bent to the side and after a while it will start causing
problems of various sorts.

He said to pull the computer away from the wall, so the
monitor cable could go out straight for a ways, turn the
computer and monitor on and move the cable around slightly at
the computer connection and when it worked properly wrap it
with a big wad of plastic tape. He showed me his monitor that
was done that way.

I tried it and it's worked perfectly for several months. ---
Tom Swartout

It's nice when little free fixes work, isn't it? 8-)

Trouble is, your cable probably has been permanently damaged: a wire or
connector is broken, and is now being held in place only by the
tape. It may work for a while--- even a long while--- but the damage is
done. Still, this fix is better than springing for a whole new monitor!

And more generally: This is another example of how small mechanical
things can affect your PC in major ways. Cables, fans, dust,
temperature, etc.--- it's important to pay attention to the
aspects of computing, as well as the electrical and logical ones!

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