3DChipset have acquired the Beta Detonator 51.75's.
We have exlcusively the beta drivers for you to play around with. We always will provide beta drivers because we know our audience is intelligent enough to know that these come with no warranty tag. As always 3DChipset wants the user to know that we give you the "choice" to do what you want to do with your graphics card.
Release Notes:
Word has it this driver reduces image quality to increase frames per second
Controversial Driver rejected by Valve for use on Half Life 2 Benchmark
English Language file present only in this beta release
Controversial Driver used in the Aquamark3 previews
All nVidia cards are supported in this release
Files are dated: Aug 28, 2003

Download: Beta Detonator Driver 51.75 (2000/XP)

source: 3DChipset