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Thread: Viruses blamed for high-speed Net slowdown

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    Viruses blamed for high-speed Net slowdown

    This is from my local newspaper. I am on telus but i do not experience this slowdown so I guess my area is really on the ball - Egghead

    Peter Wilson
    Vancouver Sun

    Wednesday, September 17, 2003

    If you think your Telus ADSL high-speed Internet service isn't what it once was, you're right.

    Blame it on the many viruses are floating around the Net, and yourself for not properly dealing with them, says Telus.

    If you believe it's taking far too much time to get hold of a living, breathing person to handle your problems with ADSL, again you're right. Telus high-speed support is swamped.

    Over the past few weeks, said James Goliath, Telus vice-president for multimedia, a number of events have combined to cause problems with ADSL -- especially during periods of high use, like evenings.

    The biggest problem, Goliath said, is that a many ADSL user's computers are infected with viruses, as a result of recent viruses targeting vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. And every time these computers are turned on they start "pinging" the Net....

    Full story,

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    I reckon this is a world-wide problem...everything is, home...everywhere...

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    Originally posted by SupaStar
    I reckon this is a world-wide problem...everything is, home...everywhere...

    very true it is worldwide and not al caused by others or virus'. But I am seeing more and more instances of user caused system many people with so much crap on their systems. Spyware x 17, BHO's, Browser Hijackers, Trojans, the list goes on and on.

    And from what I have found on the system I am working on now all that was installed was Grokster, Kazaa Media Desktop, and Neo Napster...

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