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Thread: router firewall set up

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    router firewall set up

    Hello, i'm setting up the virtual server in my router. I started to replace 000000 IP with my own on the first 6. Should I be doing that or leave at Also, should I be enabling all of these? They were all disabled at default.
    All the "Virtual servers" were already pre set but not enabled - as well as IP sec down to DVC 1000. I added the rest.
    I'm thinking FTP should not be enabled here.

    Virtual Server FTP TCP 21/21 always
    Virtual Server HTTP TCP 80/80 always
    Virtual Server HTTPS TCP 443/443 always
    Virtual Server DNS UDP 53/53 always
    Virtual Server SMTP TCP 25/25 always
    Virtual Server POP3 TCP 110/110 always
    Virtual Server Telnet TCP 23/23 always
    IPSec UDP 500/500 always
    PPTP TCP 1723/1723 always
    NetMeeting TCP 1720/1720 always
    DCS-1000 TCP 80/80 always
    DCS-2000 TCP 80/80 always
    DVC-1000 TCP 1720/1720 always
    kazaa TCP 1214/1214 always
    emule1 TCP 4660/4660 always
    emule1 TCP 4661/4661 always
    emule1 TCP 4662/4662 always
    emule1 TCP 4663/4663 always
    emule1 TCP 4664/4664 always
    emule2 UDP 4672/4672 always
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    you should be careful with these settings Lynch... you might lock yourself out of the router and cant change them...

    I guess it all depends what services you want available to the outside world and also internally. Are you using more than 1 computer which would facilitate the use of a router? Are you serving your own web-server or ftp-server?

    I guess the other experienced people can answer these questions and give good guidance


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