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Thread: USB Pen Drives: Time to burn your floppies

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    USB Pen Drives: Time to burn your floppies

    128MB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Pen Drive

    # Full compliance with Universal Serial Bus Specification v2.0
    # USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 480Mbps at "High Speed"
    # USB 2.0 is 40X faster than USB 1.1
    # Read Speed >5MB/sec, Write Speed > 4.7MB/sec
    # USB self-powered, No external power required
    # Plug it into any USB port, it looks and functions just like another hard drive
    # Supports Windows 98/SE with included device driver
    # No driver needed for Windows ME/2000/XP
    # No driver needed for Mac OS 9.x or above
    # NAND flash memory used and more than 10 years data retention
    # Shock Resistant: more than 1000G
    # Also named USB Key, Memory Key, DiskonKey, Disk on Key, Easy Disk
    # LED indicates power and busy
    # Size: A: 0.45" x 0.74" x 2.33" (11.27mmX18.80mmX59.30mm)
    # Weight: 0.67oz (19g)
    # Warranty: 1 Year

    Just bought two of these, one for me, and one for my wife. File transfers to the drives are about 100 times faster than to a floppy. Installation was a snap.. just plug it in. Though on one machine the driver disk was needed.. not too sure about that.

    Below is a link to the actual drive I bought:

    128MB USB 1.0-2.0 Buffalo Clip Drive:

    It works well and is very tiny. I have found larger drives, but at the store I went to they had a 32, 64, and 128MB drive.. Mine is purple with a yellow LED showing that it is on. It comes with an extension cable and a end cap, driver disk and manual.

    I got both for around 30 dollars each. I doubt I will ever use my floppy drive again.

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    i need one with a laser pointer

    these things are hand for work files

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    I have been using one for several months. I carry it with me. It is no bigger than a small pocket knife and contains all of the programs that I use to test and fix a sick machine. Here is another source -

    Linux Mint Debian Edition

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    here's mine yeah these are great. and man is the transfer fast. BB does your other rig have xp sp1 or is win98 I think that would be the only reason for you to use the driver.

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    actually it is my longhorn rig.. but it makes sense now, longhorn is alpha crap

    Phish do you know if that cruzerlock app works with other brands of micro/pen/clip drives?

    Download the CruzerLock Security Application Here

    UPDATE: IT doesn't work with other brands of USB pen/clip/micro drives :P

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