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Shape of the life-size human was done in being surprised the " life-size figure PC " displayed the form suddenly in the アキバ. The woman the gun as for that of the appearance which the knee ま づ is, is the wind such as the beauty woman combatant who appears in the game quite in the one hand. As for name " エレン (ERN001-PC)". Being something which is exhibited in the event of magazine " PC-DIY " sponsorship, Matsumura 克 也 is in the midst of serializing, the work which is really produced in the " frame remodelling straight line ". 4 days (day) the same person really has become the schedule which lectures know-how and the like of frame production. - Knee ま づ く beauty woman combatant Becomes the meeting place the TSUKUMO eX. which With the shop front, for the original PC user of kill time communication issue we execute the sale and promotion event of magazine " PC-DIY ", " the エレン (the ERN001- PC)" it is in the midst of usual displaying here. The event the action 3 days, 3 days (the Saturday) demonstration of the gas cold system by Morimoto Chandler, 4 days (day) Matsumura 克 也 the lecture regarding the エレン, 5 days (month) has become the schedule where pulling out selection meeting is done. The fact that it becomes the eyeball of at this event, is the real thing exhibition of the エレン. It is designed to be the structure that the エレン the individual being something which is produced Matsumura 克 也 with idea, first the motherboard and power source et cetera, produces the installation possible human type framework with the salt ビパイプ, inserts the human body part which from the on that was made with the Styrofoam.
Translated from Altavista.