The Driver Multipack Mod:

The 'Read Me':

Note: You'll need EMULE to be able to download these driver packs. Once emule is installed, make sure to connect to a server and then you should be able to download them.

Above is a link to a soft moded SB Audigy 2 ZS driver package that allows you to install the drivers on several cards ranging from the SB Live all the way to the Audigy 2 ZS edition.

Info about the Audigy 2 ZS

These are relatively dated but I only came across them today.. :P I think they were posted back in september 25th.

Audigy 2 ZS modded driver thread

That thread above should give you some background and help answer any questions that may arise.

Below is one what user notes about these drivers:

I'm using the 402 drivers on my Audigy 1 OEM and everything's running fine and dandy. No problems whatsoever and I can definitely notice the improvement in sound quality and crispness. I've installed AudioHQ and Surmix2 from evil one's SlimPak but was wondering what app was inside the Setup folder? Evil one, great work by the way..........