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Thread: Check This Computer Set-up!

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    Check This Computer Set-up!

    PCE is a radical re-design of the personal workspace, a modular and scalable platform that surrounds you with 'best in class' ergonomic, computing and entertainment solutions. We offer you the freedom to create ultimate environments suitable for any computer, gaming or video-related activity

    Read all about it at:

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    wow looks great! I'll take two... actually I wouldnt mind that nice racing seat for my car... one thing missing though, err two things... 1) the hydralic system to simulate Colin McCrae 3, and the 3-inch 6-point harness.

    I love it... is it real or not. I wonder if it would be hard to make one yourself? Hmm... might have to talk to my fitter&turner buddies

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    Looks good if your going to get totally immersed in a FPS or racing sim,but for regular use I need to get out of my seat often.Almost like lying down in bed lol.
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    Looks to confined for my liking, me I like to spread out and lean back with the KB on my lap sometimes. Or if Im gaming on-line, then I gotta be able to jump out of my seat in less the 3secs to get a quick drink
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