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Thread: Intel says Apple OSX, Longhorn could co-exist on its CPUs

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    Intel says Apple OSX, Longhorn could co-exist on its CPUs

    The runaway success of Apple's iTunes for Windows shows that when it's a matter of software versus hardware, the fruitcakes have it.

    But we couldn't avoid noticing that last Friday, Dr Craig "Intel Dude" Barrett was more or less inviting Steve Jobs to start running the Macintosh OS on future CPUs Chipzilla might make.

    Of course, the OSX will run on X86s fine right now, if there was a will or a way, but the good Dottore Barrett is telling the world that his firm's "Vanderpool" project could let Mr Macintosh run the Apple system as well as Microsoft Foghorn Leghorn Longhorn.

    Of course, this is a clear signal to Microsoft that Intel won't put up with its nonsense any more, although clearly and absolutely Chipzilla will put up with any kind of rubbish the Vole throws at it.

    Intel could make a decent operating system but its senior executives are too frightened of hearing Steve Ballmer whisper quietly to say boo to a goose, never mind Bill Gates.

    Intel is no doubt also giving the subtle finger to IBM, which seems to have a better kind of chip than it has, judging from the last Microprocessor Forum.

    With the Alpha now out of the way, there's only IBM to dispose of, and AMD of course, and the world will be safe for the Wintel Corp once more.

    Barrett says in the PC World piece, that he and his firm have tried and tried to talk to Apple about this.

    No doubt this is the reason that Intel tried to introduce a reference design for PCs so similar to the Apple iMac that it flopped before it was almost born.

    Forgive us for suggesting this, but are Intel, Microsoft and Apple such sluts they'll do anything for market share? [Don't answer, please, Ed.]

    We wonder why Apple stockholders aren't already screaming about the "Mac OS on Mac hardware" only business plan. Or is the world only full of introverted, not extravert, genii?


    i would actually by an Apple OS if it would run on a PC.

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    Re: Intel says Apple OSX, Longhorn could co-exist on its CPUs

    Originally posted by Big Booger

    i would actually by an Apple OS if it would run on a PC.
    I would want to try it out too.

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    I would like to try it too on PC, even though I have a G4... I do find that it is a little slow, considering its a Dual 1Ghz my old 800Duron seems quicker in windows navigation.

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