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Thread: what is your download cap??? post your here.

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    what is your download cap??? post your here.

    do you have a download cap?

    Earlier this month, a Philadelphia Comcast broadband subscriber got a letter from his service provider, telling him he'd been using the Internet too much.

    some isp's charge you for overuse,
    Internet bill shock: It started with an internet bill totalling $8215.00 and it didn't end there. Just one month later to Suzy's horror it had increased to $9915, her final bill totalled a staggering $10,431.

    My internet has a cap that is not enforced
    $39.95 month
    5 gig up and 1 gig down a month,
    every gig over is $5. not enforced at the moment.

    Can you check what your is????

    my friend who lives in my community went with a no name adsl ISP and pays only $29.95 a month but to his horror gets the cap enforced and is regularily paying around $100 a month.
    He is also binded to a 2 year contract.

    man is he pissed!!!


    what is your cap???

    you will need to do a search to seek out the real terms of your agreement.


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    No cap...10 dollars a month unlimited use. 300 megs of personal webspace and unlimited email addresses.

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    No limit for Direcway satellite for one way service but if you get the two way they have what they call fair access limits.EFC has the 2 way system,he would know more about it.
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    I could not find a cap limit for comcast but here's a quote from Broadband reports forum on the subject:

    Thats the million dollar question that nobody can answer. There is no "hard" cap per month. It is more of a soft use X% more then everyone else and you will get a warning.
    What is amusing is the fact that Comcast is working on increasing speeds to 3mbps -

    *edit - quote from C/net regarding Comcast:

    Eder said there was no specific line crossed by these subscribers, but she added that some of those people were downloading the equivalent of 90 movies in a given month.
    90 movies! I cannot even watch that many in a month, let alone - I can't even think of 20 movies I want to see.
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    No cap on my DSL for $60 a month.

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