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Thread: Tivo Video Extraction

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    Tivo Video Extraction

    Duff in Beloit, Kan., is going to buy a DirecTV with TiVo. Can he
    access the video in the TiVo, transfer it to his PC, and create DVDs?

    You can, but it's not a trivial task. This involves major hacks to the
    Leo quickly outlined the process on the show.

    1. Remove the hard drive from the TiVo.
    2. Modify the TiVo operating system so it doesn't scramble the video
    3. Load an FTP program to the TiVo.
    4. Reinstall the TiVo hard drive.
    5. Configure your PC and TiVo in a network.
    6. Install software on your PC to access the TiVo.
    7. Install a PC program that takes the TiVo data and converts it to
    video data you can use.

    If you're interested in doing this, Leo says go to DealDatabase and
    in the TiVo hacking forums:

    Leo says the easiest thing to do is to record your shows on a VCR and
    connect the VCR to your computer using a TV card. It's lower-quality
    video data, but it's easier to use.

    From the TechTV newsletter.

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    I do this with my Tivo,

    I had to add a Network adaptor as these don't come as standard

    Only issue is that the dimensions of the video is wrong

    (this is based on a UK Standalone Tivo)

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