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Thread: Radeon Omega Drivers 2.4.96c for Win2k/XP

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    Radeon Omega Drivers 2.4.96c for Win2k/XP

    The new Omega Drivers v2.4.96c for Windows 2k/XP based on the Official Catalyst 3.9 are out.

    * Based on the Official Catalyst 3.9 drivers. (2k/XP)
    * Included the OGL fix for AIW cards. (2k/XP)
    * Added a very powerful full-blown profiler utility. (2k/XP)
    * Removed the ATI profiles from the ATI CP, the OGL and D3D tabs
    are now separated as pre Cat 3.8 drivers. (2k/XP)
    * Added support for more cards, including Mobility and IGP. (2k/XP)
    * Added a Desktop shortcut to go directly to the ATI Control Panel. (2k/XP)
    * Added an exclusive version of Driver Cleaner for the Omega Drivers. (2k/XP)

    Download: Radeon Omega Drivers for 2000/XP

    source: DriverHeaven

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    was wondering when these were being released. Anyone tried them yet?

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