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Thread: Norton Internet Security 2004

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    Norton Internet Security 2004

    Finally found a firewall / anti virus solution that I am happy with

    Tried all sorts,

    Last one was F-secure, should be called F-Shi**

    It was overly complex and its rule creation was appalling

    Anyway, NIS 2004, not bad for 32

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    Norton IS isnt too shabby, ive been using 2002 since the beginning of time for my comp, err in 2002?

    Its prolly cheaper as well since it combines Firewall and Anti-virus... only problem is Norton is notorius for having deep roots, meaning a pain to completely uninstall, also some progs may not be compatible... finally, most new worms/virii are designed to disable Norton upon infection, with you knowing

    Otherwise, a great all round package, and always gets updated !

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    My only gripe with NIS is that it hogs resources like a pig!! PC takes too long to log in and get to a useable state.

    Apart from that it is a really solid app and I've had no real problems. Easy to setup AND I never ever got Blaster and my PC was online religiously...

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