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Thread: Opera 7.23 Final for Windows/Linux/Solaris and FreeBSD

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    Opera 7.23 Final for Windows/Linux/Solaris and FreeBSD

    Opera is user-friendly, secure, and exceptionally fast. The browser is small, yet full-featured and functions well on systems with limited resources. Opera supports all common Web standards and implements them according to the official recommendations.

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    Download Opera 7.23: Windows | Linux | Solaris | FreeBSD

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    After using Opera 7.22 for the past two weeks I am am addicted. Great browser, no pop-up ads, the transfer page is handy, love the tabs, and the search engine drop-down box rules. Almost forgot the magic wand for auto inserting user name and passwords for forums. The Hotlist could be more simplified as there are too many options without a sense of organization.

    1 to 10 I give it a 9.
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    How does it compare to Mozilla, firebird, netscape, etc?

    I used opera back at 7.0 and it was grand, just grand. The themes were nice and easily installed. How is plugin support? Does it work with every site you visit?

    I find sometimes that when I download RAR files in Mozilla, it sometimes generates garbage all over the screen.. how are RAR files with Opera?

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    Personally I am becoming a Firebird convert...I have used Opera a tad and found that it takes a little getting used to but it seems to work well, but I have also heard on The Screen Savers that it was having some security issues as IE does. Anyone know more about this?

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    I've been using Opera 7.22 since it came out and I think its pretty nice. I really like the pretty themes but Opera has way more options than I'll ever use.

    In testing between Opera & Firebird I found that Opera opens uncached pages faster than Firebird but Firebird opens cached pages faster, this is on dialup so it may not matter on broadband. Opera uses more ram than Firebird with multiple tabs running but with 1gig who cares ? Opera uses more CPU also!

    When it comes to pop-up blocking Opera is seamless where as on some sites you notice Firebird do the jitters with blocking.

    In the Opera forum they have many links to sites that will cause Opera to crash, render incorrect or the plugins don't work, Firebird worked fine on all the links.

    As far as the RAR downloads in Firebird ? I only had that happen with the Guides on the TZ front page....never before or after.

    I agree with what rik said, I watched TechTv tonite also they are Mozilla/Firebird people.

    All in All Opera is worth a try and I think its much better than IE, but in the end its dam hard to beat Firebird....thats what I always end up using
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    I am also experimenting with Firebird, but it's slower than IE. I've taken Bandwidth Speed Tests with both and IE wins out.

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