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Thread: Women needed to test orgasm device

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    Women needed to test orgasm device

    No, really. An American surgeon who has patented a device that triggers an orgasm has begun a clinical trial approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and is looking for female volunteers.

    "I thought people would be beating my door down to become part of the trial," pain specialist Dr Stuart Meloy told New Scientist magazine on Wednesday.

    But so far only one woman has completed the first stage of the trial, with apparently breathtaking results, and a second has agreed to take part.

    Meloy, of Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is hoping to find eight more volunteers willing to have electrodes inserted in their spine and be connected to a pacemaker-size machine implanted under the skin to heighten their sexual pleasure.

    The married woman who tested the machine, dubbed an orgasmatron, had not had an orgasm for four years. But during the nine days she used it, she had several.

    "She even told me she had the first multiple orgasm of her life using the device," said Meloy.

    He stumbled on the unexpected side-effect while using a spinal cord stimulator a few years ago to treat a patient suffering with severe back pain. The woman had already had back surgery for degenerative disk disease and fusion surgery.

    When Meloy placed the electrodes into a specific spot on her spine to find nerve bundles carrying pain signals to the brain, she moaned with delight.

    "You're going to have to teach my husband how to do that," he quoted her as saying.


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    A novel Idea, im sure more ladies would like the idea, but having electrodes in your spine with pace-maker technology would scare most people.

    What would happen if they accidently triggered it at the shopping mall or church etc

    they would be good at football matches, good excuse to scream

    What does miss kelli think about this? She wouldnt have a problem though, as FG is a good performer

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    Originally posted by cash_site
    What does miss kelli think about this? She wouldnt have a problem though, as FG is a good performer
    Thats right cash_site, thats why only one woman showed up at that Doctor's clinic hmmm I must of let one get away..

    I made it through the vibrator/dildo wars with flying colors, I only have a few years left in me but I'm *up* for the challenge

    "orgasmatron" HA! nothing is going ta take the place of the Ole legless iguana...:bat:

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