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Thread: Direcway modem upgrade

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    Direcway modem upgrade

    Direcway has finally offered an upgrade to their new DW6000 modem. The DW6000 is a giant step forward in satellite internet operations. It makes satellite connections the same as with cable. There is no need for software on your computer.

    The problem is that Direcway has chosen to act as it always has. The cost of this modem is outrageous. And to rub salt into the wound, they are charging $25 for shipping and handling. That is just one more way to gouge you. I am going to wait and hope everyone tells them to "shove it" at this price.

    DW6000 Upgrade...................$399.99
    Shipping & Handling...............$ 25.00
    DW4000 Return Credit..........-$100.00*
    Service Commitment Credit ...-$100.00**
    Your DW6000 Upgrade Price...$224.99
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    hey Fastgame is this available in your area.If so jump on it...might have to hold off on your monthly MOBO exchange and save up some $$$. but then you can play online with us with a better ping than 300.

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