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Thread: First motorists collared by mobile ban

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    First motorists collared by mobile ban

    Better be careful over there Rev...

    Police in Scotland have nabbed their first motorists caught using mobile phones while behind the wheel.

    Eight motorists were stopped by police yesterday, following the introduction of new legislation which outlaws the holding of a phone while driving, the Scotsman reports.

    Early yesterday morning (around 2am) a 35-year-old woman allegedly became the first person to be stopped under the new legislation, which came into force at midnight. According to reports she was not handed a 30 fine since it is understood that she has also been charged with drink driving.

    Other drivers in Scotland were slapped with 30 fines after being caught using their mobile illegally.

    Police in Scotland are taking action against motorists from day one of the mobile ban, but officers in England and Wales are showing more leniency, by giving motorists a couple of months grace to get used to the new law.

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    What amazes me is that the Police here in England have openly stated that they will give 2 months grace for motorists to get used to the new law.

    Subsequently,the roads are still full of idiots blatantly abusing the law.

    Scotland have taken the correct approach,and started dishing out fines immediately.

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    Ya Rev, don't text while driving your motorbike!

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    Originally posted by Conan
    Ya Rev, don't text while driving your motorbike!
    Currently there is only a ban for making/receving calls from mobiles while driving here, but there are moves to ban any use of phone will driving ie texting, WAP etc

    Also, there was a funny case a few months ago... You can go on Horse-drawn carridge trips through the streets of Melbourne, well on one trip, with typical speed of 10km/h, the driver of the carridge was fined for using his mobile phone while driving around the city!!

    How ridiculous is that, the police will fine you for anything... in the end, the driver was let off, since he was on a horse, and going so slowly, and was for work.

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    Here in Singapore, its been a law for a while now. I've since forgotten the punishment but I know its quite strict just as all Singapore's laws are so strict. You can get hanged easily for murder and its the judge with decides your fate. No such thing as jury.
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