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Thread: Beginners Guides: 101 Tips and Tweaks for Windows

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    Beginners Guides: 101 Tips and Tweaks for Windows

    Ok, this is a nice guide I found in PCstats.
    It is good for begginners, and good for advance users. For beginners because well, it has lots of stuff
    For advance users because there might be something you didn't know, or even if you know all, this will be a copy of the knowledge, which you can send to begginers
    36 pages of tips
    If someone does a printer friendly version or a doc, please paste it here. I would do it, but I don't have Internet at home currently

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    nice list of tweaks should come in handy to some of our newer members.

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    Great collection of Tweaks and Tips, a printable version or at least PDF etc version would be great.

    Might be time for Dehc to write that Tip Book for Noobs

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