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Thread: Stardock Holiday Desktop

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    Stardock Holiday Desktop

    Give your desktop the holiday spirit with Stardock''s Holiday Desktop. Holiday Desktop is a special run-time version of Stardock''s popular Object Desktop suite of applications that can change the Windows desktop to match the season. If you have Object Desktop already, it will just install the actual skins, themes, icons, and wallpapers you need.

    The Holiday Desktop provides a new wallpaper, a Chirstmas Time visual style, a holiday calendar, all new icons. And it''s free!

    This program will change your title bars, Start bar, menus, add a cheery calendar, change your Windows icons, and change your wallpaper to a nice holiday theme. And when you're done, with a few clicks your entire desktop can be back to its pre-holiday state. This suite shows off the power of Stardock's Object Desktop ( which allows users to completely customize the look, feel, and function of Windows.

    Download: Holiday Desktop

    Screenshot: Holiday Desktop (from Stardock)

    View: Stardock web site

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    Got this and installed it...not bad. I like it ok. It comes with 1 theme and has a few more that can be downloaded.

    ok, I was wro...wron...incorrect. It comes with 1 theme and that is it without getting the full version.
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