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Thread: BlindWrite 5.05

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    BlindWrite 5.05

    BlindWrite, it's your backup! BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a workable copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damages caused by children, scratches or problems caused by frequent usage. Your personal CD or DVD backups can even be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive (i.e. Daemon Tools). BlindWrite supports a large number of formats, and is regularly updated to support the latest technology. Combined with CopyToCD/DVD, it becomes a complete suite to complete all your backup needs: data files, 1:1 CD/DVD backups, audio CDs from music files and DVD movies.

    What's New:
    - fix a registration problem ( if you have still " your licence is too old " message AFTER this release, and if your licence is LESS than one year old, then contact our support )

    Download: BlindWrite 5.05 | Mirror

    Download: Daemons tools BlindWrite 5 plug in (via CD Freaks)

    View: BlindWrite homepage

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    I use blindwrite quite frequently. I like how it makes you choose at the beginning if you want to write to a disk or rip to the hard drive..

    It uses images so you don't get confused.. and then opens up the options for which ever selection you made.

    Great app.. that a lot of people don't even know that much about.

    It even checks your images and such to see if they are good or bad. :P A bonus feature that I use rather frequently.

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    A late post, but for the D-tools plug-in for BW, do you only need to install daemon tools CD/DVD emulation app, and select BW extensions? or is there an additional plug-in to download ie install BW, then install D-tools, then install plug-in?


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