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Thread: Microsoft Sues Spammers

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    Microsoft Sues Spammers

    Microsoft start Spam lawsuits
    Posted on I.T. Vibe Monday, December 22, 2003 by Craig Beaumont

    As a result of a 6 month investigation undertaken with the New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Microsoft has filed parallel lawsuits against a spaming ring who are allegedly responsible for sending billions of spam emails.

    The 2 defending parties are Synergy6 Inc, which is an email marketing company, based in New York and Scott Richter, who is listed on Spamhaus , an anti-spam and consumer advocacy organization, which contains 200 known spam operations responsible for 90% of your spam.

    The alleged illegal spam campaigns used common spam techniques such as forged sender names, false subject lines, fake server names, inaccurate and misrepresented sender addresses, or obscured transmission paths. The lawsuits charge Richter and his accomplices with responsibility for sending illegal spam through 514 compromised IP addresses in 35 countries spanning six continents.

    Brad Smith, senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary at Microsoft said:

    "Deceptive and illegal spam, like the kind we're attacking today, is overwhelming legitimate e-mail and threatening the promise and potential of the Internet for all of us,"

    "We appreciate the attorney general's leadership on what is arguably the biggest technology menace consumers are facing. Together we are stepping up efforts to help consumers take control of their inboxes again."
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    Is M$ actually doing something useful? Yay!

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