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Thread: Online Sales Up 31 Percent This Year

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    Online Sales Up 31 Percent This Year

    So far, it looks like online sales are holding up their end of the bargain in making for a successful holiday sales season.

    Though online sales account for only about 3 percent of holiday shopping, sales have been up.

    Analysis firm comScore Networks reported that online sales are up 31 percent for the week that ended Dec. 19.

    That brings the total for online transactions to just under $1.9 billion. All told, comScore said online holiday sales are expected to meet the forecast increase of 25 to 30 percent.

    The figures do not include money spent on travel or online auctions.

    The analysis is based on results for 50,000 online merchants.

    The National Retail Federation expects 5.6 or 5.7 percent growth in overall holiday shopping this year.

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    I did a lot of shopping through Amazon. I can imagine as more people get online they are learning about the convenience of cyber shopping.

    I just wished there was a more secure way to do it..

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    That is good news as I want to see online sales become more popular and more profitable. Here in Europe I read a similar report and it is the best year to date for online sales. Me, one DVD burner and one PS2 game from Germany. Also, one PS2 game from the U.K. Made two seperate online payments; one to PayPal and one to my web host. I consider the backbone of all the online sales to be the credit cards. Now, if there was a special credit card program for online purchases that gave us consumers a special incentive I would be happier.

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    Well Buddy, I'm still waitin for a rack of Triple Bock...

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