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Thread: new jam band P2P app

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    new jam band P2P app

    got turned on to this from a buddy that collects grateful dead shows. Its a new P2P app that can legally share jam band tunes since they promote sharing of their music.

    The Furthur Network is the first and only 100% non-commercial, open-source, peer-to-peer network of legal live music created by fans for fans! The software itself is currently in beta development, available to download and is being developed and supported by volunteers and members of the and music sharing communities. Keeping with the wishes of the bands that allow their music here, we have no paid software or website developers, nor do we accept any advertising or compensation. We are involved only to help spread legal live music to the fans.

    I've tried this and have been getting some awesome shows. Its very easy to setup and use. You can download it and get more info here

    and for the streaming jam bands

    edit: alot of the shows are in SHN format. what are SHN files you ask.

    What are SHNs?
    Shorten (extension .shn) is an audio compression scheme written by Tony Robinson of SoftSound that can compact wav files without subtracting out any frequencies. It's "lossless"- everything in the original wav is there, so that full quality is maintained. For many traders of live music, Shorten files (shns) therefore have an undisputed advantage over "lossy" mp3-format files. A shn file made from a wav is quite a bit larger than the corresponding mp3, with a size perhaps ~50-70% of the orginal wav.
    for a better explaination check this out.
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