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Thread: New Radeon Omega Drivers for Win 9x/ME/2k/XP

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    New Radeon Omega Drivers for Win 9x/ME/2k/XP

    Sorry,a bit late posting these.

    The new Omega Drivers for Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP based on the Official Catalyst 3.10 are out

    * Based on the Official Catalyst 3.10 drivers. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Fixed the setup issues once and for all by re-writing the ATI setup INIs from scratch. This was tested on a LOT of cards and they worked perfectly, if you still have problems please E-Mail me.(2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Updated the profiler utility to the latest version with OC support included. (2k/XP)
    * Removed RadClocker from the package (petition by the author). (2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Added the STRETCH screen option for Digital Flat Panel monitors and laptops. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Added support for HDTV resolutions. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Changed some of the default Omega settings. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Fixed the Dual Monitor/ATI Control Panel problems. (2k/XP/9x/ME)
    * Added 1400x1050@60Hz for FPD monitors and laptops. (2k/XP/9x/ME)

    NOTE: This set will be the LAST set of drivers for Win9x/ME

    Download: Radeon Omega Drivers

    source: DriverHeaven

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    and for the nvidia guys


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