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    Unhappy How can I get rid of

    Hi all. Latley in the last couple of weeks. I will open my web browser and will find that my home page has changed from what I usually use ( To this page ( So then I change it back to Comcast and go into the Tools in the IE browser then to internet options. and tell it to make Comacst my home page again. and it is fine for a while...But then some times i will be at ebays web site and type in a search and hit enter and this other page comes up in a new browser window. for some porn site. it is also using the (

    Well this is good I was typing this and jsut hit the enter key and the porn one opened up again with the same address. And at the top of the window it says..."Lists of daily TGP links." It seems that if I hit the Enter key enought times in a row it will make the page apear.

    I dont konw if that is what is going on or not. But I have tried clearing out the cookies and the temp files even cleared out the history. but all to no avail. Any help in this mater would be wonderful..

    Thank you for your time

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    Sounds like a Browser Hijacker. Ad-Aware, SpyBot Search and Destroy, SpywareBlaster, Spyware Guard, and Browser Hijacker Blaster are all free apps that can find and stop these. Search for them on Google and install 1 or all of them.

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    Don't forget make sure that your anti-virus program is up to date.
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    that about covers this.

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    thats for ad-aware

    make sure you check for update before scanning

    its next to the scan button

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