Could someone who reads this letter answer my questions or put me in touch with someone who knows a lot about tape deck insides...whom I might contact directly? My reason for wanting a person I could contact directly will be clear as you read on.

My deck is Model 7100, made by the Denkionkyo Co. I've no idea of its age. It was making a horrible screech which turned out to be the counter. I was able to correct that by pushing gently here and there on the counter...I'm hoping it will stay fixed.

1. It looks like a pretty standard item (the counter) and is turned by a belt and pulley, counts up to 9999. It attaches with 2 tiny screws through a small right angle plate. If I find I need to replace it, have I any chance of getting a replacement part and where would I look for such? I mean it would have to have the right angle plate as part of the counter.

2. There are 3 motors. All are direct drive. I can see easily how the take-up reel motor is driven and how the reel I rewind onto is driven, but am at a loss to understand how the 3rd. motor (the one in the middle of the three) is involved with speed change. And I would like to know that.

I've taken some close-ups of the middle motor, thinking that if I could email them directly to someone that person could perhaps explain how that motor does what it does. There are 3-4 pictures.