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Thread: SPEWS Adds DSL Reports to Block List

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    SPEWS Adds DSL Reports to Block List

    From Slashdot
    Posted by timothy on Wednesday January 21, @04:14AM
    from the but-they're-good-guys dept.
    Kylow writes "Last year, Slashdot publicized our efforts at DSL Reports to pursue a group of spammers who had spammed our forums. The Slashdot community immediately pitched in to help, and the publicity wiped the sites owned by the spammers off the internet. Fast-forward to today, and the popular yet often draconian block-list SPEWS has added DSL Reports to their blocklist due to the activities of other websites hosted on DSL Reports users are less than happy. This is hardly the first time SPEWS has been accused of going too far."

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    its always the innocent that get caught in the cross fire. Why not just block countries from accessing sites in other countries - they are probably working on it too

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