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Thread: David Brent brought in to train Microsoft staff

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    David Brent brought in to train Microsoft staff

    David Brent, the fictional boss of BBC 'mockumentary' sitcom The Office, has been employed by Microsoft to train its staff in personal development.

    Although the character's creator Ricky Gervais has previously shunned such work, it appears the opportunity to work with Microsoft was too much to turn down and the comedy star has put together a video entitled I'm back - and this time it's personal development.

    Some may suspect Microsoft's megabucks may have been the deciding factor for Gervais, while others may believe it was simply the company's links with the comic's own home town of Reading. Whatever the reason, we can only speculate, as the software behemoth is remaining tight-lipped on the project, refusing even to talk to the Bafta double-winner's former paymaster, the BBC.

    A spokeswoman for Microsoft told the BBC: "We can't provide information about Ricky Gervais' project at Microsoft. It is an internal thing and not something which we like to publicise. It is something we do for staff and staff only." But understandably, the already cosseted staff at Microsoft's Reading office, which often wins accolades for best workplace and best employer, are looking forward to receiving some star treatment. The comedian's presence on campus has reportedly caused a real buzz.

    Perhaps while Gervais was in town he will have taken some time to pass on a few dance moves to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

    Anybody who witnessed David Brent's truly awful dance routine in series two, episode five,(click here for the full horror) and has also seen Steve Ballmer's crowd pleasing repertoire of the grotesque (click here for his terrifying leaps and gyrations) may find it difficult to choose between the two men, but we believe Brent has the edge... just.

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    So M$ wants to start muscling in on the sit-com business of TV entertainment, where will they stop?? :P

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